Classnotes: Photography, Indonesian Coffee and Music

Excerpts from Owlmanac

Illustration by Delphine Lee


Judith Brown ’58 (BA) is still living in South Natick, Massachusetts, and has been an animal photographer since retirement. Some of her work at the Unity Farm Sanctuary may be seen [online]. She has written a book, “Weatherbury Farm,” which may be purchased via contribution to an animal rights group or sanctuary. — Contributed by class recorder Jim Greenwood ’58 (BA)


Illustration by Delphine Lee


Susan Ammerman ’71 (Brown) is raising a 20-year flock of critically endangered Navajo-Churro sheep in New Mexico. Churros are a Southwest-adapted landrace raised for meat, drought resistance and wool, which is used in Navajo rugs, tapestries and utility items. — Contributed by class recorder Ann Patton Greene ’71 (Brown: BA)

Illustration by Delphine Lee

“My major accomplishment this spring was finishing and publishing my second novel: ‘By the Light of Uranium Glass.’ It takes place during the Space Age of the 1950s and 1960s, the hard war and depression days of the 1930s and 1940s, and also focuses on the emergence of television.” — Contributed by William H. Boyd ’76 (Baker: BA)

Illustration by Delphine Lee


“We now enter our seventh year of living in Indonesia where we run a coffee processing and export company. … Our lives play out in a landscape of rice paddies, volcanoes and the frequent sounds of the call to prayer. … We spent this winter visiting America so that we could catch up with our oldest kids and extended family, and so that our younger kids could learn things like what a mailbox is and how barbecue should taste.” — Contributed by Renda Razgaitis Kiper ’97 (Brown: BA)

Illustration by Delphine Lee


Angelique Poteat ’08 (Wiess: BMus) is excited to share that she will be the artist-in-residence for the Seattle Symphony Orchestra for their 2022–2023 season. “Residency duties include being an educator … in addition to composing a piece for the SSO to open their season.”  — Contributed by class recorder Emily Reagan ’08 (Will Rice: BA)

“I started an environmentally focused funeral home in 2018. This year, we’ll be focused on bringing water-based cremation to Texas and legalizing the process in the next legislative session in 2023.” — Contributed by Eric Neuhaus ’08 (Baker: BS)