Scholarship Across Campus

Faculty members across Rice’s seven academic schools share their explorations and discoveries.

We surveyed Rice's academic schools to collect a sampling of inspiring research and creative projects underway on Rice's campus and beyond.


Solving for Greater Good

With $94.9 million in research expenditures in 2023 and a distinguished faculty that includes 15 members of one or more national academies, the George R. Brown School of Engineering is a powerhouse of research productivity and impact, developing responsible engineering solutions for the world’s greatest societal challenges.

Prarie Grass

Building the Future

Rice Architecture offers a close-knit community that provides both undergraduates and graduates with thoughtful instruction, particularly in the studio setting, while its position within a top-tier university allows the program to draw extensively from other disciplines to forge into new territories of speculative practice.


Standing Ovation

The Shepherd School of Music cultivates the mastery of musical performance, combining a conservatory experience with the educational opportunities of a leading research university. Through the Shepherd School, students gain access to world-class teachers dedicated to fostering talent and professional success.


Quantum Leaps

The Wiess School of Natural Sciences sees the universe as its laboratory. Intense curiosity drives its students and faculty members to discover the unknown, from hunting the smallest subatomic particles to investigating the unfathomable distances of our universe — and scientific inquiries at every scale in between.

Nicola Secomandi

Business Savvy

The Jones Graduate School of Business offers a research-based curriculum and a purpose-driven approach to empower students to become the leaders they aspire to be. With the No. 1 graduate entrepreneurship program in the nation, Rice Business is an internationally recognized leader for educating and producing talented entrepreneurs.

Urban Life

A Thriving Future

Rice University’s School of Social Sciences is a vibrant, inclusive community of scholars, students and educators committed to connecting teaching and research with policy for the betterment of society. They work to shape a future where we can all thrive, both individually and collectively.

Luis Campos

The Big Questions

Studies at Rice’s School of Humanities cross the globe, span millennia and invite students from all schools at Rice to engage, interpret, critique and debate the crucial issues facing the world today — skills that are key in cultivating a lifetime of engagement with the world as citizens and thought leaders.