Meet the Institutes

Rice’s portfolio of research hubs creates new opportunities for collaboration and discovery.

Rice's institute leaders

As part of a ramp-up in Rice’s strategic research aspirations in health care sciences and technologies, data science and machine learning, and energy, environment and sustainability, the Office of Research, led by Vice President Ramamoorthy Ramesh, recently launched several new institutes. Meet the distinguished scholars leading these dynamic institutes and learn more about their goals in this roundup of Rice’s growing research portfolio.

Caroline Ajo-Franklin

An Interdisciplinary Powerhouse

Rice’s Synthetic Biology Institute will create new tools for living systems.

Kirste Osterr

The Medical Experience, Humanized

Rice’s new Medical Humanities Research Institute expands the conversation around health care and disease.


The Right To Clean Water

The new Clean Water Technologies Entrepreneurship and Research Institute (WaTER) focuses on the intersection of water and public health, energy transitions and resilient infrastructure.

Lane Martin

A Vibrant Landscape for Exchange

The Rice Advanced Materials Institute builds collaborations on energy, electronics and the environment.


An Impact Amplifier

“Think global, act local” drives the new Rice Sustainability Institute.


Big Steps for Little Ones

Rice360 is helping improve newborn care across Africa.

David Alexander

Wide Open Space 

The Rice Space Institute extends its reach.

David Satterfield

Policy and People

Rice’s Baker Institute for Public Policy delivers data-driven research and independent, nonpartisan discourse on critical foreign and domestic issues.


The New Digital Age

Rice’s Ken Kennedy Institute takes on challenges within artificial intelligence.

Jun Kono

Nanoscience Branches Out at Rice

The Smalley-Curl Institute has expanded to include quantum science, physics, advanced materials and more.

Ruth López Turley

Local Impact, National Reputation

The Kinder Institute for Urban Research develops solutions to help all Houstonians prosper.

Elaine Howard Ecklund

Advancing Religious Pluralism

The Boniuk Institute fosters religious literacy through research and education.

Bernie Banks

Full Potential

The Doerr Institute for New Leaders looks forward to a new era.