True Love, Growing Oysters and Castro’s Daughter

Excerpts from Owlmanac

Illustration of a bee by Delphine Lee

Spring 2023
Illustrations by Delphine Lee

“Cody Caldwell Greenwood ’58 (BA) lives in Houston, retired after a stellar career as one of the founding owners of the Greenwood King real estate firm. She is a busy bee, participating in Bible study at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, regularly attending meetings of the 100-year-old charitable Blue Bird Circle of Houston organization, and brightening this writer’s every day with her beauty, warm presence, engaging conversations and smile.”
 — Contributed by class recorder Jim Greenwood ’58 (BA)

Illustration of oysters by Delphine Lee

“We are master naturalists and spend many hours trying to restore the prairie at Galveston Island State Park, pick up trash and monofilament line from the beaches, grow oysters in our ‘backyard’ and rescue stranded turtles.” — Contributed by Olivia Thomas Meyer ’65 (Jones: BA)

Illustration of movie screen with image of Fidel Castro  and the words "Alina of Cuba" by Delphine Lee

“It’s been a long time since my last confession. I married a perfect woman (smart and attractive, with questionable taste in men), Riki Rushing. Riki and I have been producing and executive producing films for the past four years, including the upcoming film about Fidel Castro’s daughter, Alina — where our partners were fellow Ricecateers Joe Lamy ’98 (Sid Rich: BA) and his sister, Marielle Lamy Quaid ’07 (Hanszen: BA, 2008) — a movie that gained global notoriety after we cast James Franco as Fidel Castro.”  — Contributed by Allen Gilmer ’83 (Will Rice: BA, 1984)

“I’ve made a big career shift and couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled. Now I’m serving as the chaplain at Dallas Life Homeless Recovery Center. Our claim to fame is a 10-month ‘homeless no more’ program; we have a 90% success rate for clients who graduate. Every day is packed with ministry. Bliss!”
— Contributed by Scott Daniel “Dan” Sullivan ’87 (Wiess: BA)

Illustration of a book and a text bubble that says "C'est Bon!" by Delphine Lee

“It was a banner year for moi, considering the publication of my book, which earned me tenure at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; I joined the ~7% Latinx faculty that comprise all tenured professors in academia. P.S. Someone let my old adviser in political science know that my double major in French turned out not to be pointless, and that my research ended up combining both fields.”
 — Contributed by class recorder Felisa Vergara Reynolds ’00 (Will Rice: BA; MA, 2002)

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