Pop Music, La Paz and the Patriots

Excerpts from Owlmanac

Fall 2023
Illustrations by Delphine Lee

Wine bottle


“I relished the opportunity to answer the question from Pete Shannon ’53 (BA): ‘How do you know when you are getting really, really old?’ My answers: when you are older than your vintage wine; when you remember seeing Rice win the Southwest Conference; when you recall Houston’s professional baseball team as the Houston Buffs or Colt .45s; when you name your new pet the same as the previous one; when your kids are retiring.” — Contributed by Bob Kirkham ’53 (BS, 1954)



“I have retired but continue to consult on metallurgical issues. I value my technical language education, begun at Rice, for applications like testifying, en español, before the deputy superintendent of hydrocarbons, La Paz, Bolivia; preparation of a lettre de réserve, at the request of African client counsel, for the Superior Court of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire; and as German technical translator for civil cases.”  — Contributed by Walter Mark Buehler ’68 (Hanszen: BA)

Music Blog


“My main eighth-decade project is my pop music blog, which I started writing in 2009, called 2 or 3 Lines. I’ve written almost 2,000 posts to date — including two featuring the art of our classmate, Kathryn Dunlevie ’74 (Jones: BA).” — Contributed by Gary Hailey ’74 (Wiess: BA)



“Last fall, I threw off the corporate yoke, venturing into modeling, voiceover and acting for TV, film and commercial ads for U.S. and Canadian markets. Less stress, more integrity and my No. 1 responsibility now is staying healthy and fit!” — Contributed by class recorder David Phillips ’85 (Wiess: BA)



“After spending the last four years with the Denver Broncos, I just signed a two-year contract extension with the New England Patriots! Combine that with the fact I got married in fall 2022, and one could say I’ve grown up a lot in recent months. My wife is a Cambridge graduate, so I’ve been doing my best to indoctrinate her into believing we have the superior university. We have Unconventional Wisdom in this household!” — Contributed by Calvin Anderson ’18 (Brown: BA)

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