Inner Loop Style

Student fashion

Fall 2023
Story and photos by Zeisha B.

This fall, Rice students have been active participants in the comeback of Y2K fashion while also dabbling in late ’90s silhouettes. Despite the summer weather, dark and muted colors like tree bark brown, creamy beige and ashy sage green have been staples. Even in the oppressive temperatures of humid Houston, these students prove that more is indeed more.

Alessa Elkareh ’26Tinde Koroma ’25Collin JumesKathryn Codiamat ’24Enoch ’25Aiden Li ’25Jadir da Silva ’26, Chloé Khuri ’26Irene Wang ’24 (left) and MyCo Le ’24 (right)Jean Paul

Pictured, from top: Alessa Elkareh ’26, Kathryn Codiamat ’24, graduate student Collin Jumes, Tinde Koroma ’25, Chelsea Zhao ’24, Enoch ’25, Aiden Li ’25, Jadir da Silva ’26, Chloé Khuri ’26, Irene Wang ’24 (left) and MyCo Le ’24 (right), and Jean Paul Gaviria '25