Nov. 9, 2020, Rice student apartment
LED lights and projectors liven up an off-campus living space, photo by Channing Wang

July 2, 2020, CVS Pharmacy
Junior Robin MacDonald buys necessary supplies, photo by Alfonso Peláez

Nov. 15, 2020, Baker College magister’s house
Cheering astronaut Shannon Walker ’87 at a NASA launch party, photo by Brandon Martin

Nov. 9, 2020, Dunlavy Street Bridge
An illuminated bridge near campus, photo by Channing Wang

Oct. 9, 2020, Duncan College Quad
Junior Jacob Nieto cheers on students at a Friday in the Quad event, photo by Channing Wang

Nov. 9, 2020, Dryden/TMC METRORail stop
Frontline workers in the Texas Medical Center wait for the METRORail, photo by Channing Wang

Sept. 18, 2020, Moody Center for the Arts
An opening reception for “States of Mind: Art and American Democracy” at the Moody, photo by Jeff Fitlow

Sept. 19, 2020, Outside Brochstein Pavilion
Students enjoy a lunch break, photo by Genyi Huang

Sept. 19, 2020, Baker College
A student waits for the campus shuttle, photo by Genyi Huang

Oct. 20, 2020, Rice Memorial Center
Students stop for a Halloween party, photo by Genyi Huang

Oct. 8, 2020, Rice Coffeehouse
Keeping the Coffeehouse safe for all, photo by Yi Luo

Nov. 13, 2020, Academic Quad
Students protested regularly at the statue of William Marsh Rice, photo by Jacar Baldwin

Oct. 23, 2020, Reckling Roost
Sophomore Ben Walls at a campus voting station, photo by Laura Semro

Oct. 17, 2020, West Servery
Sophomore Priya Trakru at a distance, photo by Laura Semro

Oct. 17, 2020, Old Sid Quad
Sid Rich students socialize outside during Keg in the Club

Oct. 13, 2020, Baker College Kitchen

Individually wrapped fruits, photo by Vince Wang

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