“Virus Body.” Installation on wall. Various materials. 72″ x 100″. Class: Visual and Dramatic Arts 2020 Senior Studio.

This work is a visualization of my dreams during the pandemic period. The installation demonstrates the nature of chaotic dreams while maintaining a sense of balance and connection amidst all the fractures. As a whole, the work is a human body whose “skin,” the canvas paper, is penetrated and connected simultaneously by electronic wires resembling blood vessels. The balloons arranged in different ways are various human organs and infesting viruses occupying the body. The outermost parts are gestural drawings inspired by the overview of the neighborhood where my parents are living through the pandemic in Wuhan, China. It is also one of the locations that has suffered the greatest casualties and longest quarantine during the tragedy. By piecing together broken imageries that have deeply impacted me both in dreams and reality, I make a personal statement about the pandemic that has now connected every individual of our global village.

LA-based artist Zengh (Moham) Wang ’20 is currently working on his MFA at CalArts.



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