Stories From Our Special Issue

Survival Pedagogy
Author Lacy M. Johnson finds new connections between parenting and teaching her students during traumatic times. Johnson is an assistant professor of creative writing.

Mission Critical
Zachary Dreyfuss ’07 works in five Dallas-area hospitals as a pulmonary care physician. He was interviewed for this story by Michael Hardy ’06.

Notes from Inside
Journalist Brad Tyer ’90 dreams of outdoor adventures both at home in Montana and back in Texas with friends.

Home And Away
Grace Ishimwe ’23 is an international student from Rwanda who just completed her freshman year. She is a proud member of Wiess College.

Pivoting in a Pandemic
Freddy Nguyen ’02 is a pathology resident and research scientist evaluating a treatment option for COVID-19 patients.

The Days Go By
Journalist Lisa Gray ’88 recalls a Talking Heads anthem of her undergraduate days and longs for the “same as it ever was.”

From Rice EMS to Chicago Med
Hashim Q. Zaidi ’11 is good in an emergency — whether as captain of Rice EMS, as an ER doctor in a hospital or  on call with a police SWAT team.

Apocalyptic Times
Author and teacher Nishta J. Mehra ’05 draws from her undergraduate studies in religious history to find meaning in this modern pandemic.

Distance Learning in The Delta
The academic gains that teachers like Bonnie Miller ’19 and Abi McDougal ’18 are helping their young students achieve are in danger of being eroded by COVID-19.

Stop The Presses
Before students left campus in March, Rice Thresher editor Christina Tan ’20 organized an impromptu commencement ceremony, complete with a walk through the Sallyport.

Face Time
Former O-Week coordinators and study partners Simone Elder ’12 and Chethan Ramprasad ’12, now doctors in New York City, are helping each other through demanding residencies.

Taking Root
Now that his event-based professional life is on pause, David D. Medina ’83 has found pleasure in the company of nature.

Meditation For This Moment
Alejandro Chaoul ’06, founder of the Mind Body Spirit Institute at the Jung Center in Houston, gives tips to help calm nerves during these uncertain times.

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