Artists Respond to the Pandemic

Unreal Really!
The villain in faculty member Christopher Sperandio’s comic is all too familar.

This is Fine
Elena Lacey ’13 shares her illustrated self-isolation diary. Lacey is a San Francisco-based art director and designer at Wired.

Basquiat à la Social Isolation
Laura Semro ’21 is double majoring in art history and studio art. Her art installation re-creates a Basquiat painting using her own clothes in her parents’ living room.

Paradise of the Lost
Terrence Liu ’20 is a Seattle-based software engineer at Facebook. Liu’s photographs evoke the loneliness of an abandoned Galveston Island.

A Silver Lining In Step With Time
A digital collage by student-artist Lorelei Dearing ’22 manipulates a natural space influenced by human interaction.

Virus Body
Zheng “Moham” Wang ’20 is currently working on his MFA at CalArts in Los Angeles. His installation visualizes his dreams during the pandemic.

Taken Leaves
Eduardo Martinez’s
painted magnolia leaves express thoughts he had while on walks in his neighborhood. Martinez is an artist and graphic designer at Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business.

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