“A Silver Lining in Step With Time.” Digital collage with watercolor and pencil. Class: Beginning Painting with Associate Professor Natasha Bowdoin.

I have always enjoyed manipulating a natural space influenced by human interaction; the Houston Arboretum is one of those spaces where one can be immersed in nature so close to the city. Nature is always changing and time is always moving forward; and in a time when everything is inside and stagnant, I found it significant to reflect on the motions that occur outside. No matter the difficulties we face, one thing is certain: The sun will always rise and always set. Walking on this path is reminiscent of someone experiencing time; the sky above them is the present and below is the sky that they perceive.

Lorelei Dearing ’22 is from Houston, Texas. Lorelei was a graduate from North Shore Senior High and is now a rising Junior at Brown College. She is a Civil and Environmental Engineering Major with a passion in visual arts. 


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