From iced coffee and bubble tea to craft beer and sipping tequilas, our summer issue highlights the innovative spirit of Rice alumni in the beverage industry.


Ana Builes ’14 travels the world to discover how coffee goes from bean to cup. Logan Beck ’09 creates a retro-futuristic coffee shop in Houston. We serve up Rice Coffeehouse by the numbers. We interview Chris Campbell ’01 about his pioneering cold-brew business and share a refreshing recipe.


Kevin Harvey ’87 produces perfect wines at Rhys Vineyards. Experts reveal trends to watch for in 2018. Sommelier Belinda Chang ’95 pairs wines with each of Rice’s residential colleges. David and Heather Kuhlken produce award-winning wines in Texas. Andrew Cates ’06, and his family created The Wine RayZyn Company, which sells Segassia Vineyard’s dried grapes as snacks. Plus, Ryan Levy ’97 follows his passion at The Nice Winery and Robert Foye ’88 talks about the worldwide wine biz.


Cool and refreshing aguas frescas and ice-cold lemonade are high on Owls’ list of homemade summer refreshments. Rice lecturers set up a unique collaboration for students to learn about the flavorful tasting vinegars called shrubs.


A legend (Brock Wagner ’87) and a newcomer (Nicholas Walther ’03) walk into the brewery business — we compare their paths. We ask other esteemed alumni brewers for their best unconventional beer pairing. All hail, Valhalla!


Iñaki Orozco ’05 plants an agave farm to craft high-quality tequila and mezcal from the ground up. Andrew Webber ’96 is on the cutting edge of creative distilling (quinoa whiskey, anyone?). Ryan Baird ’12 and Randy Whitaker ’12 invited classmates to fund Houston’s first whiskey distillery.


Gabriella Buba ’16 wildcrafts plants and herbs (and family tradition) for a tasty tea business. Graduates of Rice’s popular student-run East-West Tea business brew boba tea in D.C. Every Tuesday, 3rd Coast Kombucha serves up their fermented flavors at the Rice Farmers Market. Plus: A recipe to make your own Kombucha.


Illustrations by Lucy Engelman