Jonathan Bartlett

(“Eating Italian, Family Style”) is an award-winning illustrator based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Bartlett relies on symbols and analogous narratives to breathe fresh life into a story. See more of his work at

Claudia Feldman

(“Georgia’s Legacy”) is a freelance writer living in Houston. Over the years, she has covered topics ranging from homelessness to heart surgery as a reporter for the Houston Chronicle. This is her first story for Rice Magazine. Her website is

Natalie Danckers ’17

(“Rice’s Food [R]evolution”) graduated this spring with a double major in English and psychology and a business minor. This fall, she will be living and working in Houston. 

Jennifer May Reiland

(“Georgia’s Legacy”) is a Brooklyn-based artist. The daughter of a Rice alum, she grew up near campus and learned to drive in the Rice parking lot. She creates watercolor paintings on paper and hand-drawn animations. See more of her work at